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2022 National Official Nomination Instructions

Nominations Instructions

The USAWOA national elected positions open for nominations are as follows: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Region I - European Region Director, Region II - Western Region Director, Region III - Mid-Northern Region Director, Region IV - Mid-Southern Region Director, Region V - Southeastern Region Director, and Region VI - Northeastern Region Director.

USAWOA Form 600-1 must be submitted to nominate fellow Regular Members or themselves for national offices within the association. (NOTE: Associate Members may NOT hold elected office.) Those nominated should reasonably expect to be able to complete a two -year term of office. In accordance with the USAWOA Bylaws, those nominated for the Offices of President, Vice President and Secretary must reside within 300 miles of the USAWOA Home Office. Also, those nominated as Region Directors must reside within the region for which they are nominated. The three methods of Nomination are:

  1. Regular Members may declare candidacy for any office subject to the requirements above.
  2. Any member may nominate any Regular Member meeting the requirements above. Permission must be obtained in writing from the nominee prior to submission of this form.
  3. A Region or Chapter may nominate a Member meeting the requirements above. They also must obtain permission in writing from the nominee, prior to submission of this form.

Each nominee must submit a written resume plus a head-and-shoulders photograph with any nomination. In accordance with USAWOA Bylaws, nominations, candidacy declarations, and resumes must be received at the USAWOA Home Office not later than 90 days prior to the first business day of the USAWOA Annual Meeting of the Members, thus permitting the ballot to be printed and mailed to each member. Therefore, all nomination materials must be received no later than 21 July 2022 by the Nominations Committee Chairperson, CW4 (Ret) Greg Gouty, C/O USAWOA National HQ, 462 Herndon Pkwy Suite 207, Herndon, VA 20170, in order to meet this requirement.

Resume Instructions for 2022 Nomination for National Office

(Heading Information)

Grade/Name _________________________________ Address _______________________________________

Region/Chapter ______________________________ Office & Home Phone ___________________________

Office Sought ________________________________ E-mail address _________________________________

The nominee resume for a National Office is limited to 800 words. A quality resume will contain the following four elements on information:

  1. The number of years of USAWOA membership and the elected or volunteer Association positions previously or now held.
  2. Comment on what the candidate believes his or her experience, knowledge, skills and abilities can contribute to the betterment of the Association and Warrant Officer Corps.
  3. Comment on what the candidate believes to be the most significant challenges (no more than three) facing the Warrant Officer Corps, presently or within the next five or more years, and how they believe USAWOA can best assist the Army and the Corps to meet these challenges.
  4. Comment on the most significant challenges (no more than three) that face USAWOA, presently or in the next five years, and how they believe the Association leadership; Chapter, Region, and/or National, can best meet these challenges.

You may visit USAWOA Digital Library for a sample resume template.

NOTE: Your resume and a head and shoulder photographshould be attached to the form below. Nominee resumes should be of 800 words or less, and will be printed in the Newsliner magazine. Instructions will be provided there to Members who wish to view full nominee resumes online, if they need to be edited down to meet space requirements.

Complete the Nomination Form Below

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