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Our Goals

Legislative and Professional Goals for 2021

  1. Support of senior Warrant Officers leaders and their initiatives in all three Army components, in light of the total Army’s continuing shift from almost exclusive focus on counterinsurgency (COIN) operations, to preparing for combat against peer/near-peer enemies.
  2. Assist Army leaders in their important effort to charter a new U.S. Army Warrant Officer Council, more aligned with senior leaders and their priorities.
  3. Support their essential work on various Army Talent Management Task Force Warrant Officer initiatives involving significant policy change in areas such as assignments and promotions, training and professional development, and recruiting and retention.
  4. Continue to fight to preserve significant earned benefits, such as service member pay and allowances increases, TRICARE, retirement, and the military resale system.
  5. Increase the visibility of the Warrant Officer Cohort with critical members of Congress and educate Congress representatives and Senators on the expanded role of today’s Warrant Officer.
  6. Monitor proposed legislation, such as the next Defense Authorization Act, for any potential impacts on Warrant Officers.
  7. Champion important initiatives such as passing Aviation Incentive Pay Parity legislation.
  8. Continue to monitor Warrant Officer pay, ensuring that the differential between Non-Commissioned Officers and Warrant Officer pay grades is not further degrades due to “pay compression.”

Your USAWOA will accomplish these legislative and professional goals through our Professionalism, supported by our collective Representation, by gaining the Recognition of Warrant Officers who serve our Nation’s National Defense Strategy.

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