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CW5 Michael D. Dye

National President
Michael D. Dye, CW5, USA

May 15, 2024

Dear Chapter Leaders:

May is a busy month as elementary, high school and college students finish their studies for the year.  For most high school seniors preparing to graduate, this means a time of nervous anticipation of what the future holds as many will leave home to start college or serve in the military.  For college students, including our United States Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard Academies, four years of tough and challenging study will soon result in the military gaining hundreds of new officers.  We thank all these young men and women for taking the oath to continue to defend our great country.

In late April, your U.S. Army Warrant Officers Association (USAWOA) Board of Directors (BOD) gathered for our mid-year BOD meeting.  Traditionally, the BOD meets twice a year; at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting of the Members (AMM) and again at the six-month mark.  Both meetings allow us to hear in greater detail from our six Region Directors, discuss items and information that are relevant to the running of the association, and discuss our goals and plans for the next six months.  We received an update from CW5(Ret) Joe Consiglio, our National Treasurer, regarding our association’s financial standing and an update from our Executive Director Ms. Cara Rinkoff on how implementation of our new membership portal is progressing.  I’m happy to report that Ms. Rinkoff has trained more than half of our chapter presidents on the new system which allows them to pull membership rosters whenever they want or need.  We still have a few chapters left and I ask that if a chapter president has not yet been trained, to please reach out to the headquarters and secure a training time slot.  It only takes about 15 minutes and is well worth the time invested.

National Vice President, CW4 Louise Lingenfelser also provided an overview of our membership statistics, particularly noting an increase of nearly 500 members since October 2023, with most being newly appointed Warrant Officer Ones (WO1) straight out of Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS). We unfortunately continue to see a trend of WO1s who receive their 18-month free membership not renewing once they become CW2.  In fact, since inception of this WO1 free membership program almost a decade ago, we can definitively show that less than 20% of these WO1s renew their membership once promoted to CW2.  This means the association loses hundreds of members every year. By default, when WO1 applications arrive at the headquarters from Fort Novosel, Alabama and are put into the system, we affiliate all new WO1s to their nearest chapter. The names of these members are also provided to all Chapter Presidents via the monthly President’s Package.  I ask all members to work with their chapter leaders to develop and/or assist with processes within the chapter to identify, contact, and invite these new members to your activities.  A simple welcome email to let them know about the chapter will pay great dividends as these new members are simply not hearing from anyone, aside from the headquarters when their membership is about to expire.  While they may not be able to attend a meeting, your contact with them could remind them to search out the chapter at their next duty assignment.

We also talked in detail about several chapters in jeopardy of closing due to lack of submitted meeting minutes.  We see a lot of chapter activities posted to social media (Facebook) but often chapter minutes and photographs of events are not being sent to the headquarters.  Minutes are vital to maintaining a chapter’s longevity status within the association and earning the chapter a quarterly rebate.  We don’t want to see any chapter lose a year of longevity due to a lack of submitted minutes and potentially be identified for closure.  I encourage all chapter leaders to work with and through their respective Region Director and ensure the time and activities spent with their members is documented and forwarded to the national headquarters.

As 2024 is our national election year, the association is set to elect six Region Directors and three national level officer positions. Based on the information received to date, we still need candidates for Region 3 (Mid-Northern) and Region 4 (Mid-Southern) Directors. These positions are vital to communicating and coordinating with the chapters in the region and then representing all chapters as part of the BOD.  If you, or someone you know might be interested in running for one of these positions, nomination materials must be received no later than 29 July 2024 by the Nominations Committee Chairperson, CW5(Ret) Joachim Consiglio, by email to Additional information on how to put your name in the hat and get on the national election ballot can be found on page 18 and 19 of the April NEWSLINER and on our website

Finally, this year we observe Memorial Day on Monday, 27 May 2024 to honor and mourn U.S. military personnel who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. While we tend to celebrate this federal holiday with backyard barbeques, opening of swimming pools, and kicking off the summer, I ask each of us to take a few minutes to reflect and remember our friends and family who gave the ultimate sacrifice. 

I thank everyone for all that you do in support of this great association.  Please let me and the headquarters team know how we can better support you or answer any questions you may have.


CW5 Michael D. Dye
National President
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