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Presidents Corner

CW5 Michael D. Dye

National President
Michael D. Dye, CW5, USA

September 11, 2023

Dear Chapter Presidents:

September has been a busy month for our HQ staff as we finish preparations for next month’s 51st Annual Meeting of the Members (AMM)in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Our Executive Director, Ms. Cara Rinkoff completed 60 days in the seat and has quickly settled in to running the dayto-day activities of the Association. She is not only overseeing the office staff but is also learning all the roles and functions and establishing procedures to help in creating efficiencies to save the association money.

This month, our Membership Manager, Ms. Lauri Swift resigned, which leaves us with a vacancy at the National headquarters. Laurie waswith us for just over a year, and we are grateful for her work to further the goals and mission of USAWOA. We will be advertising the position in the immediate future so if you know of someone in the greater Virginia/DC Maryland area looking to work for an outstanding non-profit organization, please contact Ms. Rinkoff directly. In the interim, Cara and Ms. Mary Etzwiler will ensure that emails and telephone calls are still answered. I only ask that everyone have a bit of patience while we work to find a replacement.

Over the last few months, the headquarters staff and our National Treasurer, CW5(Ret) Joe Consiglio, reviewed the Headquarters Financial Management Manual (USAWOAM 400-2, dated 1 December 2020) and our national bylaws (USAWOAM 200-2, dated 1 January 2023) with respect to financial procedures and current processes. Together they made recommendations to the USAWOA Board of Directors (BOD), to modify both the bylaws and financial manual which will not only improve existing business processes but save the association money, boost innovation, and create more value for our members.

Last month, the BOD voted to approve changes to how chapter rebates are paid, moving from quarterly checks to annual payments. Making this change saves our association administrative costs while still ensuring each chapter still receives their entitled rebates. To ensure chapters still submit meeting minutes at least quarterly, the BOD voted to revise the ebate business rules, so that if no quarterly minutes are received within 10 working days of the following quarter, no rebate check will be issued. The BOD also approved an increase of the hardcopy Newsliner magazine distribution fee (for non-lifetime members) $12 per year to $3 per issue (or $36 per year), to better reflect the current cost of producing and distributing a copy of the publication. CW5(Ret) Consiglio will also brief the attendees at the AMM of these changes.

As a reminder, registration is still open for this year’s 51st Annual Meeting of the Members. I encourage all chapters to try and send a member to the AMM. Registration information can be found at Hotel reservations at the Caesar’s Palace Hotel can be made online Hotel Reservation | USAWOA Doughboy with an established room rate of $72/night + taxes and fees.

Finally, today is 22nd anniversary of 9/11, a day in history that changed our lives forever. In whatever fashion is acceptable to you, I ask each of us to take a minute to remember friends, families, and loved ones who perished on this day. For those members who joined the Army in the wake of 9/11, I and the entire national leadership team, thank you for your sacrifices and selfless service to the United States Army.


CW5 Michael D. Dye
National President
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