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USAWOA Legacy Giving Program

How will you be remembered?

USAWOA’s Legacy Society is a recognition program to thank and honor individuals today, for the support they will provide USAWOA in the future. If you are planning to remember USAWOA by generously including it in your estate plan, we invite you to become a member, once you have done so. We will want to recognize you for helping USAWOA continue its crucial mission in support of Warrant Officers and their families.

If you have already done so, we hope you will share this information with us. We would appreciate the opportunity to express our gratitude, and to welcome you into the USAWOA Legacy Society. However, if you want to remain anonymous, we will respect your wishes.

Current USAWOA Legacy Society Members:
CW4 (Ret) John and Mrs. Jean Allnatt
CW5 (Ret) Joachim J. Consiglio, IV
CW4 (Ret) Jack Du Teil
CW5 (Ret) Phyllis J. Wilson

Many people choose to leave a gift through their will or trust to support an organization important to them. With a legacy gift you can help the United States Army Warrant Officers Association continue executing its vital mission of supporting Warrant Officer professionalism, representation, and recognition tomorrow!

The USAWOA was founded by CW4 (Ret) Donald E. Hess in 1972, to serve as the preeminent professional association supporting Army Warrant Officers in all components and statuses (Regular Army, ARNG and USAR, whether currently serving, former, or retired) and their families.

Legacy or planned giving can be as simple as making a provision in one’s estate to support the USAWOA. Several of USAWOA’s members and friends have chosen legacy giving as a way to perpetuate their support of USAWOA beyond their lifetimes. If you want to continue supporting USAWOA beyond your lifetime, including it in a well thought out estate plan is a way for you to conserve your assets, plan for your family’s financial needs after you’re gone, and meet your desire to support a cause that has been important to you and your family.

The USAWOA is grateful for all types of gifts and welcomes the opportunity to work with you and your personal advisors to determine if one or more planned giving arrangements are appropriate for you. Such planning is both private and personal in nature, so all inquiries and communications are held in strict confidence and are without obligation.

To request Planned Giving information, please contact USAWOA National Executive Director Jack Du Teil at 703-742-7727 or via email at

If, like Jack, you have already included USAWOA in your estate plans, let us thank you and welcome you into the USAWOA Legacy Society.

There are several ways to make a legacy/planned gift. Follow the links below to learn more about each type of gift:

Gifts by Will or Revocable Trust

Qualified Retirement Plans

Gifts by Life Insurance


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