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Registration for the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Members is now OPEN!

Ready to join us? Register now to secure your spot at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Members. We offer several registration options to accommodate your needs.

If paying by check, please use the button below to download the registration form. Mail completed registration form and payment (MUST ARRIVE NO LATER THAN 30 September 2024) to: USAWOA, 462Herndon Parkway, Suite 207, Herndon, VA 20170-5235

Download Registration Form

If you'd like to pay online, please use the button below to complete the online form.

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National Elections

This year marks a pivotal moment for the United States Army Warrant Officers Association (USAWOA) as we approach our National Elections. All Region Directors, along with the National President, National Vice President, and National Secretary, will be elected by a majority vote of all members, with the results being announced at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Members (AMM) in Augusta, Georgia.

In preparation for this significant event, we are honored to have Past National President CW5 (Ret) Joe Consiglio spearheading the formation of the Nomination Committee, alongside distinguished past national officers of the USAWOA. This committee is tasked with guiding the nomination process, ensuring we identify and select potential candidates who are eager to contribute to our association's leadership roles.

Details concerning the nomination procedures, necessary forms, and submission deadlines are featured in this month's Newsliner. Under Mr. Consiglio's guidance, candidates will be assisted through the process of submitting their information for inclusion on the official USAWOA 2024 Ballot.

Our collective commitment to volunteerism is the backbone of the USAWOA, beginning at the chapter president level and extending through to our national leadership. These roles are crucial for the efficient operation, representation, and advancement of our association, proudly serving over 6,000 members. We urge everyone to engage with their chapter members and Region Directors to explore potential candidacies for these positions. Ensuring a minimum of two candidates per role is vital for providing our members the chance to evaluate qualifications and elect the most suitable representatives.

The USAWOA Nomination Form 300-2 (February 2024) and Interactive Form can be found on our website

Additionally, I encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the duties and responsibilities of these positions, which are outlined in USAWOAM 200-2 National Bylaws and USAWOAM 300-1 Operations Manual

Member Proxy Form

To ensure that we have a quorum for the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Members, please complete a Member Proxy Form online (below) or you may download and return the form to Cara Rinkoff, Executive Director at

2024-2025 School Year Scholarship

The Scholarship Foundation is pleased to offer the program for the 2024 – 2025 school year. The program aims to make financial awards to the most deserving candidates. A selection board makes decisions based on the whole-person concept. In the last week of July, the Scholarship Foundation will award scholarships for $1,500.00 each and book scholarships of $500.00.

Applications must be received by 30 May 2024 to be considered for this year’s program. Applications will be accepted from the children (natural and adopted), grandchildren, and dependent children of members in good standing in USAWOA. Spouses of members are eligible and may apply for scholarship assistance to further educational endeavors. Completed application packets and official transcripts need to be mailed directly to:

Post Office Box 606
Helena, AL 35080

April 2024 President's Corner USAWOA Scholarship Application Now Open!

2024 Annual Fundraiser

Dedicated Solely to Warrant Officers Since 1972!

This is the only fundraiser USAWOA will ask you to support in 2024!

For the first time ever, you can use a QR Code to purchase tickets!

USAWOA is the only military association that focuses exclusively on the issues that matter to U.S. Army Warrant Officers!

While membership dues provide almost 70% of our income, the Annual Fundraiser is one of our largest sources of income.

Successful fundraising allows the USAWOA to give the best service to you, our members, and to the U.S. Army Warrant Officer Cohort. As with many other professional associations, income from dues is not sufficient to sustain all our USAWOA programs and initiatives. We want to continue to give you first-class representation on issues such as pay, health care, retirement, etc., and to keep you informed on career matters and other topics at, on Facebook, LinkedIn, and the Newsliner.

Your financial support of the Annual Fundraiser allows us to:

  • Provide WOPD opportunities for members at the Annual Meeting of the Members and other events.
  • Expand our social media outreach efforts via the website, Facebook page, and other interactive, automated resources.
  • Update our National HQ infrastructure as necessary, to maintain and improve services to our members.
  • Support continued production of the Newsliner magazine.
  • Mitigate expansion of current due rates, to cover increasing expenses at the national level.

USAWOA Legislative and Professional Objectives for 2024

  • Support senior Warrant Officer leaders and their initiatives in all three Army Components. 
  • Continue to fight for preservation of important earned benefits, such as service member pay and allowances increases, TRICARE, retirement, and the military resale system.
  • Increase the visibility of the WO cohort with key members of Congress and educate them on the expanded role of today's Warrant Officers.
  • Monitor proposed legislation, included the next National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), for any potential impacts on the Warrant Officer Cohort.
  • Champion important initiatives such as the Major Richard Star Act, to provide combat-wounded veterans with concurrent receipt of medical retirement and disability benefits.
  • Continue to monitor Warrant Officer pay, ensuring that the pay differential between NCO and WO grades is not further degraded ("pay compression")

Purchase and/or sell your 2024 fundraiser tickets today. Contact us for tickets or buy online using the QR code above. Let's work to make our 2024 fundraising project even more successful this year!

Hey Chief! Have you checked out the updated USAWOA Manuals yet?

USAOWA Manuals

You can find them in our Digital Library (Tab in the Menu bar above) or use these links:

USAWOA Bylaws USAWOA Operations Manual USAWOA Financial Manual USAWOA Ethics Manual USAWOA Awards Manual






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