Scholarship Overview

The United States Army Warrant Officers Association Scholarship Foundation was incorporated in March 2003 and  received  Non-Profit status under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code in July 2003. The United States Army Warrant Officers Association Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit  organization dedicated to providing supporting to the membership and their families by providing them with the opportunity to apply for financial assistance in gaining various levels of formal higher education. Too many American military families must struggle from payday to payday to make ends meet. The Foundation’s goal, in partnership with the donor community, is to ensure that those who are devoting their lives to the defense of our country also have the opportunity to provide their family members with formal higher education and therefore assist them in having the skills and resources they need to secure a sound financial future for themselves and their families.


The United States Army Warrant Officers Association Scholarship Foundation will become one of the trusted sources for our members, to seek financial assistance in achieving the goals of a better education for their families in the future.


We are dedicated to expanding the opportunities for financial assistance for further education to eligible family members.

Core Values


  • That all our members and their families are entitled to the opportunity to gain a high level of education and thereby help insure a more productive and sound future for themselves and the country.

  • That education and financial assistance should be blind to race, class and gender.  Inclusiveness and diversity in our leadership, in our partners, program participants and members is an essential element for success.

  • That we can make a difference among those families who because of varying military assignments have not had the opportunity to build contacts and a financial
    cushion to insure that their families can gain this level of education.

  • That partnering with others is the most cost-effective approach to reach the most people and achieve the greatest good.

  • That strengthening the education and therefore the decision-making skills of our member’s families is an indispensable element in putting their minds at ease regarding their future and thereby increases their ability to concentrate on their own military preparedness.