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“The Quiet Professional” and “LET GO!”

Inquiries continue to be received about  the sale and/or purchase of USAWOA Limited Edition “The Quiet Professional” (See the origin of the title The Quiet Professional) and “LET GO!” (See more about LET_GO!“) warrant officer prints by the late Don Stivers. Those owning the print may now live in a smaller home or may have reduced interest in displaying the print.  Likewise, newly appointed warrant officers, or retirees, may learn of the print and wish to purchase one.  Therefore USAWOA offers this “Resale Bulletin Board” for those that wish to sell or purchase one of the prints.







DO NOT SEND PRINTS TO USAWOA.  Rather, we will serve as a point where one can advertise the sale of a print.  Those interested will contact the seller directly and make their deal for purchase, shipping, payment, and satisfaction.  USAWOA will not handle money or the actual prints.


To have a “for sale” notice posted on this page, please provide the following information by email (Send email) .

  • Your (seller’s) name and member number
  • Print number (e.g. “723”)
  • Color of the primary (largest) matting (e.g. “green”)
  • Style and color of frame (e.g. “fancy gold”)
  • Whether or not the print is personalized (e.g. “Congratulations on Retirement”)
  • The desired selling price
  • Location of the print (e.g. Ewa Beach, HI)
  • Information as to how a prospective buyer can contact the seller

It is important to advise us by email when a print is sold so the entry can be deleted. It is also important to know that USAWOA is not a guarantor of the transaction.  Sellers should insure that the print is accurately described and properly prepared for shipping. (USAWOA recommends use of a professional boxing/shipping firm.) Sellers should not ship until the payment is received and clears the bank.


Seller: Carl Anderson

The Quiet Professional  Print Number: 250

Still in the original box it was shipped in.

Absolutely no damage. Not Framed. Not Personalized.

Desired Selling Price: $1,900.00 (includes shipping and insurance)

Location of Print: Lutz, Florida

Contact Numbers: (813) 968-2415(727) 385-0129


Seller: Brian Blodgett, CW3 Retired

The Quiet Professional  Print # 972/1000

Matting is white

Framed in Medium Brown colored wood frame with acid free mats.

Frame came with original purchase. No damage.

Print is numbered and signed.

It is not personalized.

Desired Selling Price is $2,000

Location of print is Metro Washington DC

Contact numbers: 240-515-4307


Seller: Frank Pizzi, CW4 Retired.

The Quiet Professional Print # 798/1000

NO Matting.   NO Frame.   No damage.

Print is numbered and signed.   It is not personalized.

Desired Selling Price is $975.

Location of print is Augusta, GA

Contact numbers: 706-799-2388


Seller: Bob Olson

The Quiet Professional Print # 391

Color of the primary (largest) matting (e.g. “green”): triple matted with brown being the main color, then cream, then green. Style and color of frame: medium brown wood.

Plaque on matting that reads “Bob O, June 1995, Your Graduation”

Desired Selling Price:  $1400 plus shipping cost

Location of print is Minneapolis, MN.



Seller: CW5R Shirley B. Moser M62261

The Quiet Professional Print #885/1000

Custom mounted in Dark Brown Frame

Color of Primary Matting:  Green

Color of Secondary Matting:  Light Gold

Not personalized/Acid Free Matting with Certificate of Authenticity

Price:  $1,000 plus shipping.


Phone:  336-391-5180

No damage except frame has a small scratch.  Photos available upon request.


Seller: CW4R Willie Carmichael

The Quiet Professional Print #362/1000

Still in the original carton.

New Condition. Not Framed. Not Personalized.

Price:  $900 (includes shipping and insurance).

Print is also available for pick-up in Stafford, VA.

Phone:  540-760-2197 or 540-659-4660