Home Office

HomeOffice462 Herndon Parkway, Suite 207, Herndon, VA 20170-5235

Phone Number 703-742-7727

Toll free 1-800-5-USAWOA (800-587-2962)

Fax 703-742-7728

The USAWOA dream of a National Office began in January 1985 with the establishment of a Building Fund. In April 1988 the Board of Directors established a Building Committee to examine the options available to reach the goal of a permanent location for our National Office. Up until this time the National Office had been in the basement of CW4 (Ret) Don Hess’ residence in Reston, VA. In October 1988 the Board of Directors approved a recommendation by the Building Committee to purchase an office suite in the Springwood Office complex which was then under construction. USAWOA committed to purchase Suite 207 at 462 Herndon Parkway, Herndon, VA 20170-5235.

 In April 1989 the “Dream Came True” as USAWOA took possession of the Suite and moved in. Due to donations by Chapters and members together with solid fiscal responsibility on the part of USAWOA the association was able to raise $130,000 toward payment for the Suite, leaving us a mortgage of only $20,000.

 In April 1990, just 13 months after purchase, the “mortgage was burned” thanks to the continued support of Chapters and members. To this day the USAWOA Home Office remains at 462 Herndon Parkway, Suite 207, Herndon, VA 20170-5235.


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Arriving from the North or South, exit I-95 to I-495 (Capital Beltway), WEST, towards Virginia

Arriving from National Airport, proceed to I-66 (west).

From I-66, and from I-495, exit at the DULLES AIRPORT TOLL ROAD (also marked as Virginia Route 267). The Dulles Airport Access road will split off to the left at several different locations. DO NOT follow the signs to airport; follow those marked “Toll Road” “Local Exits.”

  • You will encounter a toll station (75 cents).

  • Proceed on Toll Road Route 267 to EXIT 11 marked as the exit for “Reston/Herndon, County Route number 7100” (also known as the “Fairfax County Parkway”). There will be a toll station (50 cents). Prepare to turn right after leaving the tollbooth. NOTE: There is NO merge lane as you enter onto County Route 7100.

  • Proceed a short distance to the north (right) on County Route 7100, bearing into the left-hand lane. AT the first traffic there will be two left hand turn lanes. Make the left hand turn and proceed a short distance to Spring Street. TURN RIGHT.

  • Very shortly after this turn, bear into the double left-hand turn lane, staying in the right of the two LEFT TURN lanes. Turn left at the stoplight, staying in the right lane. This road is clearly marked as “HERNDON PARKWAY”.

  • Proceed a very short distance to the THIRD driveway on the right. It is marked by a large red sign showing the name “Springwood Professional Center” “# 462 # 464.” Enter driveway. NOTE: Driveways number two and three are very close together.

  • You will be entering a parking lot with a two-story red brick office building (#462) on your left, and situated at a right angle to the Herndon Parkway. Proceed to entry way number 207. You will see a stained glass warrant officer eagle hanging in the second story “lobby” window above the door. The Association name appears to the left hand of the door. The doorbell is to the left (use during evening hours or if the front door is locked.)

FROM THE WEST AND/OR DULLES AIRPORT, exit the airport access road or the toll road at signs for Route 7100. Turn LEFT (north) at County Route 7100. Follow directions above.