In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Remembering Our Fallen Warrant Officer Comrades

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This page is dedicated to our Fallen Warrant Officer comrades who made the ultimate sacrifice on September 11, 2001 in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon: and those after that date during the Global War on Terror.  This is their final roll call.

Allgaier, Christopher M, CW3, USA

Billings, Randy L, CW2, USA

Blaise, Michael T, CW2, USA

Boone, Clarence E, CW5, USA

Brennan, William I, CW3, USA

Bucca, Ron, WO1, USAR (9/11/2001 World Trade Center)

Buoniconti, Frank A, CW3, USA 

Cahill, Michael Grant, CW2, ARNG Ret (at Ft. Hood, TX)

Carter, David R, CW4, ARNG

Carter, James, CW4, USA

Carver, Mitchell K, Jr, CW3, USA

Chao, Cornell C, CW3, USA

Church, Theodore U, CW2, USA

Clapp, Douglass, CW5 USA

Clark, Donald V, CW3, USA

Cole, Brent S, CW3, USA

Colton, Lawrence S, CW2, USA

Coulter, Alexander Scott, CW2, USA

Defrenn, Jason G, CW2, USA

Donaldson, Christopher B, CW2, USA

Dorff, Patrick D, CW3, USA

Duskin, Michael S, CW2, USA

Dyer, Scott W, CW2, USA

Edwards, Corry A, CW2, ARNG

Egnor, Jody L, CW2, USA

Engeman, John W, CW4, USA

Farwell, Gary M, CW3, USA

Flanigan, William T, CW3, ARNG

Flynn, John M, CW3, ARNG

Flynn, Paul J, CW2, USA

Fortenberry, Wesley C, CW3, USA

Garcia, Ruel M, CW2, USA

Gaudet, Bradley J, CW2, USA

Geer, Terrance W, CW4, USA

Gibbons, Thomas J, CW3, USA

Grinder, Billie J, CW2 TN ARNG

Goodnature, Corey J, CW3, USA

Grogan, Travis W, CWO, USA

Groves, James E III, CW3, USA

Gukeisen, Hans N, CW2, USA

Halvorsen, Eric A, CW4, USA

Hammett, Robert C, CW3, USA

Harriman, Stanley L, CW2, USA

Hartwick, Michael L, CW3, USA

Hay, Dennis P, CW2, USA

Hazelgrove, Brian D, CW2, USA

Heffelfinger, Mathew C, CW2, USA

Henderson, Bryan J, CW2, USA

Henderson, Miles P, CW2, USA

Hickman, Clayton M, CW2, USA

Hinchman, William F. “Sonny,” CW5, USA Ret (in Iraq)

Hornsby, Brian D, CW3, USA

Humphreys, Christian P, CW2, USA

Jackson, Kyle E, CW2, USA

Jamar, Scott, CW2, USA

Jarvis, Rodney A, CW2, USA

Johnson, Christopher C, CW2, USA

Johnson, Nicholas S, CW2, USA

Johnson, Philip A Jr, CW2, USA

Johnson, Robert M, CW4 USA

Kelley, Matthew G, CW2, USA

Kennedy, Kyran E, CW3, USA

Kesterson, Erik C, WO1, USA

Keynon, Rex C, CW3, USA

Kordsmeier, Patrick W, CW3, ARNG

Krause, Suresh N A, CW2, USA

Laskowski, Matthew C, CW2, USA

Leach, Patrick D, CW4, ARNG

Lourey, Matthew S, CW4, USA

Lyons, Niall D, CW3, USA

Manuel, Ian D, CW2, USA

Mariotti, Keith R, CW4, USA

Mata, Johnny V, CW2, USA

McAdams, Andrew L, CW3, WY ARNG

McCants, Hershel D Jr., CW3, USA

McClellan, Johna D, CW2, USA

McFarlane, Jackie L,  Jr,  CW2, USA

Montgomery, Michael P, CW4, USA

Moehling, Timothy W, CW2, USA

Montenegro, Jose L, Jr, CW2 USA

Moore, Dwayne L, CW2, USA

Mullen, Sean W, WO1, USA

Nason, Christopher G, CW2, USA

Nichols, Bryan, CW2, USAR

Osteen, Mark S, CW3, USA

Oswell, Scott A. M., CW2, USA

Pratt, John C, CW5, USA

Priestner, John r, CW4, USA

Price, Bruce E, CW3, USA

Quinlan, John A, CW3, USA

Ramirez, Thalia S, CW2

Reagan, Curtis S, CW5, USA

Redd, Steven B, CW3, USA

Rodgers, Joshua R, CW2, USA

Rudolf, Brady J, CW3, ARNG

Ruffner, Matthew P, CW3, ARNG

Ruth, William, CW4, USAR (9/11/2001 The Pentagon)

Saboe, Scott A, CW2, USA

Salter, Richard M, CWO, USA

Santos, Isaias E, CWO, USA

Satterfield, Shawn Joseph, CW3, USA

Scherkenbach, Chris J, CW4, USA

Schiro, Joseph L, WO1, USA

Scott, Earl R III, CW2, USA

Scott,  Joshua M, CW2, USA

Shepard, Steven E, CW2, USA

Sigfrid, Lucas Daniel, CW2, USA

Silverman, Joshua B, CW2, USA

Slebodnik, Michael, CW4, USA

Smith, Bruce A, CW4, ARNG

Smith, John D, CW2, USA

Stump, Adrian B, WO1, ARNG

Suggs, Milton E, CW4, ARNG

Swartworth, Sharon T, CW5, USA

Tibodeau, Russell R, CW2, USA

Tillery, Joshua M, CW2, USA

Todd, Benjamin H, CW2, USA

Totten, Eric W, CW3, USA

Troxel, Chester W, CW4, ARNG

Varnadore, Terry L. II, CW2, USA

Van Dusen, Brian K, CW3, USA

Viray, Don C, CW2, USA

Vose, Douglas M. III, USA

Wagstaff, Matthew G, CW3, USA

Weaver, Aaron A, CW2, USA

Weeks, Jamie D, CW5, USA

Wells, Stephen M, CW2, USA

White, Kenneth R, CW3, USA

Wilke, James B, CW3, USA

Windorski, Phillip E. Jr, CW3, USA

Yoakum, Keith, CW4, USA

Yoder, Jarret M, CW2,  ARNG