Scholarship Directors and Officers


The United States Army Warrant Officers Association Scholarship Board of Directors and Foundation Officers consists of three United States Army Warrant Officers Association members appointed to two year terms by the USAWOA National President and two additional members elected by the appointed members. The two additional directors can be from within or outside the United States Army Warrant Officers Association.

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The Foundation also has a Selection Committee made up of volunteers who review all scholarship applications and based on criteria developed by the Foundation sequence all submissions into an Order of Merit Listing. From this listing the Board selects and awards scholarships based on available funding during that selection cycle.

Business Office: USAWOA Scholarship Foundation 462 Herndon Pkwy, Suite 207, c/o USAWOA Herndon, VA 20170-5235 703-742-7727, Fax 703-742-7728| Send email |

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USAWOA Scholarship Foundation